Call for participation

August 28 - September 2, 2000
Moscow, Russia

The conference will be hosted by Moscow State University in association with Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Institute of Computing for Physics and Technology, and the Russian Computer Graphics Society.
The Conference will be held in close cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH, IEEE Computer Society, EUROGRAPHICS Association

The conference is supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Ministry of Science and Technologies of the Russian Federation, and Moscow State University.

GraphiCon is the largest International conference on the Computer Graphics, Scientific Visualization and Computer Vision in the countries of the former Soviet Union. The kernel of the conference are technical presentations, courses, and panels.

In addition to the technical program, Moscow State University is an excellent place for large Educators Program and Product Presentations.

Conference Committee Chair:

Eugeny Shikin (Russia).

International Program Committee Chair:

Stanislav Klimenko (Russia).

Submissions are invited for the following categories: Technical Program, Summer School, Educators Program, Product Presentations, Video and Art&Design Shows, and Interactive Computer Art (ICA).

Technical Program (key topics, but not limited to):

  Computer Animation 
  Virtual Worlds 
  Physically Based Modeling 
  Virtual Reality 
  Avatars and Virtual Humans in VR 3D 
  Augmented Reality 
  Scientific Visualization 
  Volume Visualization 
                    Rendering Techniques 
  Geometric and Solid Modeling 
  Computational Geometry 
  Data and Image Compression 
  Geographic Information Systems 
  Modeling from Camera Views 
  Computer Graphics & Internet (VRML, Java, etc.)
  Digital Libraries

Educators Program:

Emerging Technologies
Impact of Technology on the Curriculum
Distance Learning
Review of Effectiveness of the WWW in Education
Examination Issues
Shared Courseware Resources
Summer School will be devoted to experiencing and learning about the varied topical areas that constitute the disciplines of computer graphics and machine vision.

Interactive Computer Art:

Computer artists working in the interactive computer art field are invited to present their works for the participation in the conference. .

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