Electronic Submission

The GraphiCon conference encourages submissions in electronic format.

This document contains the necessary information on electronic submission of GraphiCon'2000 technical materials, specification of acceptable file formats and file transfer instructions. Some tips and hints on electronic document preparation are also included.

File Formats

Document Formats

The following file formats are acceptable for Grpahicon'2000 electronic submission.

Important Notes

Embedded Pictures

According to Formatting Guidelines all the pictures must be black&white. However, color pictures are acceptable for electronic submission, but they will be printed in black&white in the Proceedings, and we cannot guarantee the adequate representation of your color images in black&white.

Picture Formats (if not embedded)

Note. This section is intended only for those who use ASCII plane text format and cannot embed pictures in main document.

The following picture formats are acceptable.

Important Notes

Your submission is to be supplied with table of pictures which brings into correspondence picture numbers, picture captions and file names. E.g.:
Figure 1 | The block-scheme of the algorithm | joh_smi1.gif
Figure 2 | The test image                    | joh_smi2.gif
The table must be added to the bottom of the main text document (it is undesirable to put it into seperate file).

File Packing

Please, follow the "one file per one paper" rule when preparing your materials for submission. It means that all the files forming one paper are to be packed into one file (archive). This rule is carried out automatically if you use any accepted file format except ASCII plain text. But even in this case it is strongly recommended to pack (and compress) this file. If you submission is a plain text file supplied by pictures you must pack all these files into single one.

The following archive formats are acceptable:

Important Notes

Some Tips and Hints

File Names

All the files (i.e. files to be packed and arcihves themselves) of your submission must be named according to the following rule:
where fff are the first 3 letters of your first name, lll are the first 3 letters of your last name and ext is the extension, determined by file type.
E.g.: you name is John Smith and your paper is packed by ZIP archiver, thus the file name is
If you send more than one paper, or you send the updated version of your material, or your submission consists of more than one file then add the number of file (or version) just after the letters of your last name, e.g.:
Note. If you have already submitted you materials and your file names do not satisfy these conditions, please, DO NOT send them again. But if you just intend to submit your paper, please, follow these rules.

File Transfer


The easiest way to send us your materials is electronic mail. Then wait for a message from the Conference Committee, confirming that you materials were sucessfully received. This may happen not immediatelly but in 2-3 days. If you don't receive such a confirmation in 4 days (excluding week-ends), send you materials again or send a message to the Committee with a request to confirm the receipt.

Important Notes

HTTP/FTP Download

This is the alternative way of file transfer. The idea is to place your materials to your own HTTP or FTP sites for they could be downloaded by the members of the Conference Committee. Use this way if you have problems with sending large files via e-mail. Then wait for a message from the Conference Committee, confirming that you materials were sucessfully downloaded. This may happen not immediatelly but in 3-4 days. If you don't receive such a confirmation in 5 days (excluding week-ends), send your message again.

Important Notes

We hope that this file conatins all the information on electronic submission you need.
Nevertheless, do not hesitate to ask questions if you have ones.


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