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This year, Graphicon'2006 will host a Film Festival that will highlight computer generated animations and digital effects from around the world. The festival will presentation animations that represent student and commercial work, finished productions and projects which are still in production. Attendees will be able to see diverse animations from many countries, and catch a glimpse of state-of-the-art techniques being used in both entertainment and visualization applications.

Students and professionals alike, engaged in computer animation and digital effects, are welcome to submit their work(s) for presentation consideration. All entries selected for the Film Festival will retain their copyright. Authors will be asked allow Grpahicon'2006 the privilege of showing their work during the conference. The Film Festival aims to present current animations being developed in industry and academia that may address, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Motion control and motion capture
  2. Physics-based animation
  3. Vision techniques in animation
  4. 2D and 3D Modelling in animation
  5. Rendering techniques
  6. Modelling of deformable materials and characters
  7. Modelling of heads, faces and hair
  8. Modelling of natural phenomena
  9. Real-time simulation, animation and visualization
  10. Simulations, VR Walk-throughs
  11. Forensic animations for legal and criminal applications
  12. Scientific animation for visualization

Authors who wish to have their works considered may send their entries in the following formats:

  1. MiniDV in either NTSC or PAL formats
  2. BetaCAM in NTSC only
  3. DVD (NTSC if possible - PAL acceptable)
  4. Sequenced Targa files

Submission by mail services:

Dr. Mark W. McK. Bannatyne, Chair
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Technology & Computer Graphics Technology Purdue University (IUPUI campus)
799 W. Michigan Street, ET 301B
Indianapolis, IN
USA 46202-5160

Fax: +312.278.3669

Submission via FTP:
Please contact Dr. Bannatyne for submission instructions by sending him an e-mail to:

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