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GraphiCon'2004 Paper Formatting Instructions

Formatting guidelines for GraphiCon'2004 technical papers conceptually follow those of ACM SIGGRAPH. Although we are less strict in requiring exact formatting style, we ask authors to follow these guidelines as much as possible. Below you will find some useful quotations and sample documents.

MS Word Sample Document - authors may use it as a starting point for your paper.
PDF Sample Document - information regarding the formatting guidelines.

You may also find many useful information as well as LaTeX templates at ACM SIGGRAPH Authors Instructions page.

We invite authors to submit their papers for review in either MS Word or PDF format. PostScript is also possible; however, Program Committee should be contacted beforehand if PostScript document is going to be submitted. No other document formats will be considered.

Paper formatting

These formatting specifications must be followed when preparing your content for publication.

Paper Size: 8.5 inches by 11.0 inches (21.59cm by 27.94cm)
Top Margin: 0.75 inch (1.905 cm)
Bottom Margin: 1.0 inch (2.54 cm)
Left Margin: 0.75 inch (1.905 cm)
Right Margin: 0.75 inch (1.905 cm)
Columns: Two (2) columns, each 3.33 inches (8.46 cm) wide
Column Gutter: 0.34 inches (0.84 cm) column gutter
Title Text: 14pt Arial or Helvetica, bold, centered
Affiliation Text: 10pt Times or Times Roman, centered
Body Text: 9pt Times or Times Roman, justified on 10pt leading
Caption Text: 9pt Times or Times Roman, centered under figure
Section Headings: 10pt Arial or Helvetica, bold, flush left, numbered
Subsection Headings: 10pt Arial or Helvetica, bold, flush left, numbered
Sub-subsection Headings: 10pt Arial or Helvetica, italic, flush left, numbered

If your content has multiple authors, you may format the affiliation text in multiple columns. Affiliation should include full names, company / institution identification, and email addresses.


The paper should have a short (no more than 250 words) -- one to several paragraphs -- abstract as the first section of the paper, which may be excerpted for reference or promotional purposes.


Relevant keywords should be placed just after the Abstract.

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