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Final Program of GraphiCon'2004

Download PDF Version w/timing (782 Kb)

Invited Talks

IT1: Virtual Humans

Prof. Martin Reiser
Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication, Sankt Augustin, Germany

IT2: Current situation with real videoconferencing over the Internet

Dr. Dmitry VatolinVisicron Corp., USA


Star Reports

 SR1: Virtual environment visualization system for the tasks of space exploration: Current status

Aleshin A., Afanasiev V., Baygozin D., Baturin Y., Bugaev A., Burlakov S., Goebel M., Dolgovesov B., Zhirnov A., Klimenko S., Mikhayluk M., Nikitin I., Nikitina L., Reiser M., Slobodyuk E. 
VE Group of Institute of Computing for Physics and Technology

SR2: Application of Radial Basis Functions for CAD and CG

Savchenko V. 
Hosei University

SR3: On viewpoint complexity of 3D scenes 

Plemenos D.*, Sbert M.**, Feixas M.** 
*University of Limoges 
**Institut d'Informatica i Aplicacions, Universitat de Girona


Technical Programm

FP1: Image Processing

  1. A Bayesian Framework for Recognizing Textured Objects in a Content-Based Image Retrieval System 
    Eruhimov V., Lyashko M., Martinova E., Molinov S. 
    Intel Russia Researh Center

  2. An Improved Demosaicing Algorithm 
    Lukin A., Kubasov D. 
    State University of Moscow

  3. Image Compression Based on LDPC Codes 
    Belogolovyi A. 
    Saint-Petersburg State University of Airspace Instrumentation

FP2: Animation Simulation

  1. Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Hair for Animated Cartoons 
    Cote M., Jodoin P., Donohue C., Ostromoukhov V. 
    Universit'e de Montr'eal

  2. Real-time rendering of shallow water 
    Belyaev V. 
    St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University

  3. Interactive Design of Postures for Articulated Character Dancing Animation 
    Chen C., Li C., Hu B. 
    Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Science

FP3: Geometry Modeling 1

  1. A Low Cost Antialiased Space Filled Voxelization Of Polygonal Objects 
    Thon S., Gesquiere G., Raffin R. 
    University of Provence

  2. Improvement of Triangular and Quadrilateral Surface Meshes 
    Semenova I.B., Savchenko V.V., Hagiwara I. Tokyo 
    Institute of Technology

  3. A priori computation of the number of surface subdivision levels 
    Lanquetin S., Neveu M. 
    Universite de Bourgogne

FP4: Geometry Modeling 2

  1. Intrinsic point cloud simplification 
    Moenning C., Dodgson N.A. 
    University of Cambridge

  2. Topology-driven Progressive Mesh Construction for Hardware-Accelerated Rendering 
    Turchyn P., Korotov S. 
    University of Jyvaskyla

FP5: Motion Processing

  1. Biomechanical analysis and visualization tool of human morphological and motion data 
    Aranov V.Y., Sholukha V.A., Van Sint Jan S. 
    St.Petersburg State Technical University

  2. Building Performance Visualization using Augmented Reality 
    Malkawi A.*, Srinivasan R.** 
    *Department of Architecture, School of Design 
    **University of Pennsylvania

SP1: Computer Vision

  1. Photogrammetric System for Frontal Face Image Acquisition 
    Knyaz V.A. State Research 
    Institute of Aviation System

  2. Face Recognition based on Curvature Estimation and Neural Networks 
    Al-Akkad M.A. 
    Izhevsk State Technical University

  3. Reconstruction of projective and metric cameras for image triplets 
    Khropov A. * , Shokurov A. *, Lempitskiy V. *, Ivanov D. ** 
    *Moscow State University 
    ** RL Labs Joint Stock Company

  4. Optical Flow Invariants in Models of Driver's Visual Perception 
    Eremin V.M., Koltyapin M.V. 
    Moscow State Industrial University

SP2: Visualization and Rendering

  1. Context-Aided Visualization of Volumetric Data 
    Vassiliev V. *, Voloboy A. **, Vyukova N. *** 
    *Fractal Technologies 
    **Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics Russian Academy of Science
    ***Research Institute for System Studies Russian Academy of Science

  2. GPU-Based Texture Flow Visualization 
    Potiy O.A., Anikanov A.A. 
    Rostov State University

  3. A Real-Time 3D Rendering System with BRDF Materials and Natural Lighting
    Ignatenko A. *, Valiev I. **, Dmitriev K. **, Barladian B. **, Ershov S. **, Voloboy A. **, Galaktionov V. ** 
    *Moscow State University 
    **Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences

SP3: Image and Data Processing

  1. Edge Detection Method by Tikhonov Regularization 
    Tsibanov V.N., Denisov A.M., Krylov A.S. 
    Moscow State University

  2. Hermite Foveation 
    Krylov A., Kortchagine D. 
    Moscow State University

  3. Hardware image filtering on desktop computers 
    Press J. 
    University of Tartu

  4. A New Low Complexity Entropy Coding Method 
    Brailovsky I.*, Kravtsunov E.**, Plotkin D.* 
    *The Institute of Microprocessor Computer Systems 
    **Moscow State University

SP4: 3D Data Processing and Simulation

  1. Realtime Simulation and Rendering of Dynamic and Complex Fracture Phenomena
    Bao Z.*, Karpov A.** 
    *Stanford University 
    **Ivanovo State University

  2. A Method for Repairing Triangulations 
    Emelyanov A., Skala V. 
    University of West Bohemia

  3. VirSculpt: a virtual sculpting environment 
    Raffin R., Gesquiere G., Remy E., Thon S. 
    University of Provence

SP5: CAD Techiques

  1. SmartSnap: addressing 3D pointing anisotropy in Virtual Reality CAD application 
    Fiorentino M., Monno G., Uva A.E. 
    Dipartimento di Disegno Tecnico Industriale e della Rappresentazione Politecnico di Bari

  2. STEP-Compliant Application Framework for Virtual Prototyping 
    Semenov V., Alekseeva E., Morozov S., Tarlapan O. 
    Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Technical Programm (RU)

FPR1: Full Papers in Russian

  1. Accuracy Estimation of the Factorization Based 3D Recovery Algorithms
    Sveshnikova N.V., Yurin D.V. 
    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

  2. Image shape comparison based at circular decomposition 
    Mestetskiy L., Semenov A. 
    Tver State University

  3. Practical model of dynamic atmosphere effects in the scope of visualization of open spaces in real-time 
    Elykov N.A., Belago I.V., Kozlov S.M., Kuzikovsky S.A., Lavrentev M.M. 

  4. Construction of dynamic shadows in real-time visualization systems 
    Kozlov S., Belago I.V., Elykov N.A., Kuzikovsky S.A., Lavrentev M.M. 

SPR1: Computer Vision 1

  1. Using of sub pixel line extraction methods in non-contact measure systems 
    Pozin A. 
    State Research Institute of Aviation Systems

  2. Tracking feature points in defocused video 
    Lisitsin E., Konushin A., Vejnevets V. 
    Moscow State University

SPR2: Computer Vision 2

  1. Algorithm for automatic segmentation of raster images based on growing of clusters for R-value maximums 
    Minchenkov M.V. Moscow 
    Institute of Physics and Technology

  2. Adaptive algorithm for satellite images transformations with discontinuities and partial data losses into geographical projections with partial errors correction
    Nepomnyaschy P.V. 
    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

  3. Hierarchical aglomerative clusterization algorithm for image region selection 
    Vovk O.L. Donetsk 
    National Technical University

SPR3: Animation and Rendering

  1. Rational description of Animated Character Motion in 3D-graphic Systems 
    Tyutin V. 
    Nizhniy Novgorod State University

SPR4: Image and Video Compression

  1. High-quality video deblocking method without use of quantization parameters
    Vatolin D., Grishin S. 
    Moscow State University

  2. Backward classification of wavelet coefficients for image compression 
    Glavnov V., Krapivenko A. 
    Moscow Aviation Institute

  3. Efficient lossless video compression method 
    Vatolin D., Popov D. 
    Moscow State University

SPR5: CG Algorithms and Programming Techniques 

  1. Delaunay triangulation: Recoursion without spatial separation 
    Mestetskiy L., Tsarik E. 
    Tver State University

  2. Programming modern GPUs utilizing general languages of .NET platform 
    Berezin S., Kalugin K., Karpushina E., Nevskiy E., Nosov K,, Pavlova O. 
    Moscow State University

  3. Review of robust techniques of model parameters estimation based on random sampling 
    Marinichev K., Konushin A., Vejnevets V. 
    Moscow State University

SPR6: CAD Technologies

  1. Perturbation Functions in Geometric Modeling 
    Vyatkin S.I., Dolgovesov B.S. 

  2. Insolation duration calculating by means of 3D-modelling program AutoCAD
    Kheyfets A.L. 
    South-Ural State University

  3. Conceptual geometric models 
    Yermilov V., Kharin V., Shalak M. 
    Izhevsk State Technical University

SPR7: Computer Graphics in IMM UD RAS

  1. System for interactive visualization of parallel computations 
    Averbuh V.L., Vasev P.A., Gorbashevskiy D.U., Kazantsev A.U., Manakov D.V. 

  2. Utilizing 3D Visualization Methophors 
    Averbuh V.L., Baydalin A.U., Ismagilov D.R., Kazantsev A.U., Timoshpolskiy S.P.

  3. Specialized system for visualization of some problems of optimal control 
    Moshkov A.V., Pahotinskih V.U., Reshetnyak V.O. 

  4. Languages for mapping types description for computer visualization systems
    Averbuh V.L., Barakovskih N.I., Zenkov A.I., Petrov A.N. 

SPR8: CG in Education

  1. Generation of interactive learning courses based on modern technologies of virtual environments and Internet 
    Dolgovesov B.S., Shemtsov M.U., Jmulevskaya D.R. 
    Yugra Research Institute of Informational Technologies, IAE

  2. Computer graphics in the teaching process of Pereslavl University 
    Khachumov V. 
    Institute of Programming Systems, Pereslavl University
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