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The organizing committee can provide visa support for conference participants who require visa for entering Russia (please, note that citizens of all countries do require visas). In order to get your visa, please, follow the steps below.

Please, note, that visa authorization will go through Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which might take a while; therefore, please do your best to send us your data before July 14, 2004. The Organizing committee does not guarantee issuance of visa.

Steps to get your visa support letter:

  1. Fill in the application form, which is below, and send it by email to before July 14, 2004. (If you are traveling with accompanying person(s), please, fill in the separate form for them).
  2. Send us a copy of your passport by email to (preferred, as the copy must be well-readable) or by fax to +7 (095) 261-97-57 (addressed to Denis Ivanov) before July 14, 2004.
  3. Make sure you have received the confirmation message about our receipt of both your application form and a copy of your passport. If you have not receive this message in a reasonable amount of time, please, contact us at
  4. You are expected to receive a copy of an authorized application form by fax or email on about August 10, 2004. If you have not received it in a reasonable amount of time, please contact us at
  5. Visit the Russian consulate which you have indicated in the form in order to obtain your visa. Please, be prepared to fill in another application form there and pay the respective fees. A copy of the authorization letter that have been sent to you is required to be present in the consulate. You will generally receive your visa in no more then 10-12 days upon applying for it in the consulate; however, it may vary depending on the country.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Graphicon'2004!

Visa application form (copy/paste into your mail client, fill in and send to

  1. Last (Family) name:
  2. First (Given) name(s):
  3. Sex (m/f):
  4. Citizenship:
  5. Date of birth (
  6. Place of birth (country/region):
  7. Place of permanent living (country/region):
  8. Email:
  9. Fax number:
  10. Place of work (company name):
  11. Company (business) address and telephone:
  12. Position in the company:
  13. Passport number:
  14. Passport issuance date:
  15. Passport expiration date:
  16. Date of arrival to Russia:
  17. Date of departure from Russia:
  18. Cities in Russia to be visited:
  19. Consulate where visa will be collected (country/city): (see the list of Russian consulates at or
  20. By sending this form I confirm that I will participate in the GraphiCon'2004 conference and pay the respective registration fees.
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