GraphiCon 2004 Proceedings

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Invited Talks

  • Virtual Humans
    Prof. Martin Reiser
    Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication, Sankt Augustin, Germany
  • Current situation with real videoconferencing over the Internet
    Dr. Dmitry Vatolin
    Visicron Corp., USA

STAR Reports

Image Processing

Animation Simulation

Geometry Modeling

Motion Processing

Computer Vision

Visualization and Rendering

Image and Data Processing

3D Data Processing and Simulation

CAD Techiques

Full Papers in Russian

Computer Vision

Animation and Rendering

CG Algorithms and Programming Techniques

CAD Technologies

Computer Graphics in IMM UD RAS

CG in Education

Tutorials and Workshops

  • "2-1/2D" Portrait Creation
    Prof. Douglas C. Acheson
    Computer Graphics Technology
    Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at Indianapolis
  • Object Oriented Multimedia Representation
    Dr. Dmitry Vatolin, Alexander Zhirkov
    Graphics and Media Lab, CMC, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia